An original, limited edition DESEDA x Kasia Niemczynska design. Includes a DESEDA To-Go black linen envelope for your scarf-toting needs. *Currently backordered. Please email info@shopdeseda.com if you would like to pre-order this scarf. Arrival: January 2021*

  • 100% Silk Scarf
  • 35" x 35"
  • Silk Twill
  • Hand Rolled + Sewn Edges
  • Printed in Italy
  • Dry Clean Only

DearCo Artist

Kasia Niemczynska

For Kasia, waves are one of the most magical and mesmerizing natural wonders. Powerful, graceful, fertile, and destructive all at the same time, the ocean’s waves have many faces. They lure you in with fresh breeze, pounding sound, and hypnotizing, pulsating rhythm. Before you realize it, you're in a trance-like state, eyes hooked on following the water’s movement as it shifts from forming delicate water dunes, to a rising, elegant white crown at the tip, to an eruption of force loudly crashing onto sharp rocks  and dramatically capitulating into thousands of pieces.


Suddenly nothing else matters as you stand in front of such a spectacular display of beauty and strength, and you are released from your worries for those moments. With these images and emotions imprinted in her mind’s eye, Kasia’s Waves scarf design was developed as a tribute to this natural masterpiece.