Welcome to DESEDA!

Sarah Somers, Founder

The path that led to DESEDA is one that I could have never anticipated. From roots in the Heartland, to self-discovery in Europe, to stripe-earning on Wall Street, to navigating the joys (+challenges!) of motherhood – and back again, it’s been quite the ride. Of course, over the years and throughout the journey, style and wardrobe priorities shifted and changed. However, it struck me recently that one constant remained in my closet and delivered through it all: the silk scarf.

Once I found the power of self-expression and confidence that comes from wearing a beautiful square of silk, I was hooked. Collected over the years, scarves are always at the ready to serve as a favorite finishing touch – and make me feel a little chicer in the process.

The versatile and enduring nature of silk scarves is a pretty special thing. Unlike trends that come and go, an artful scarf that is an expression of your personality becomes a common thread woven into your individual style over time. And so, it was from a desire to share this love of scarves, and what they can do for you, that DESEDA was born!

Sarah Somers


What's in a name?

DESEDA (pronounced day-say-da), is an original mash-up of several terms in Spanish - including those words meaning "of silk" as well as the word meaning "wish". In building DESEDA, we are fulfilling our long term wish of bringing beautiful, artist-driven accessories into the world - and for you to feel fabulous while wearing them!

DESEDA blends together a special cocktail of ingredients to create the scarves we always wished existed.

We start with the foundation of luxe, natural silk.

Silk specialists in Italy layer original artwork onto that silken canvas via the latest digital printing technology, allowing for an array of art mediums and colors to be expressed.

We add our special twist: original, limited edition designs resulting from our collaborations with a growing collective of artists from around the world.

When all is stirred with an added dash of creativity and delight, we’ve landed on our signature recipe for a fresh, modern take on a classic wardrobe staple.

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Our inspired, exclusive pieces are ready for you to make your own.