Sidereal Dreams

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Inspired by humanity’s responses to the stars in the sky, Valero Doval created a collage-based conceptual celestial map. A spirited scarf for all those who send their love up to the cosmos. Limited edition of 300.

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  • 100% Silk Twill Scarf
  • 36" x 36"
  • Hand Rolled Edges
  • Printed in Italy

Steam to remove wrinkles/folds and to refresh between wears. Dry Clean Only.

dearco artist

Valero Doval

From prehistory to the modern day, the stars have played a key role in inspiring and shaping human efforts to understand and master the universe we live in. Over the years, humans have at times responded to the stars with fear, at times with great artistry, and at other times with great rationality. When considering the COSMIC LOVE theme, Valero responded with his artistry, creating a colorful, collage-based scarf design that is signature to his aesthetic. The Sidereal Dreams artwork is a conceptual interpretation of a celestial map in honor of all those who send their love up into the cosmos.

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