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This design was inspired by the creativity resident in traditional craft techniques. A lustrous take on candlewick embroidery, it reflects the beauty found in moments of simplicity. Limited edition of 300.

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  • 100% Silk Twill Scarf
  • 36" x 36"
  • Hand Rolled Edges
  • Printed in Italy

Steam to remove wrinkles/folds and to refresh between wears. Dry Clean Only.

DearCo Artist

DESEDA Design Team

The MUSE for the Simplicity scarf is my grandmother, Pat. A gentle woman with deep faith, she was known for her graciousness. Pat was a creative soul and found outlets to express that energy across an array of mediums including painting, quilting, and hand embroidery. When I was young, she taught me candlewick embroidery during our summer visits.

Recently I learned that candlewicking began in America by those women who pioneered the West. Only able to access the barest of necessities, pioneer women had to use their resourcefulness to bring comfort and beauty to their humble homes. Their creativity led to the adaptation of the plain cotton fiber used for candle wicks as thread for simple decorative embroidery knots on textiles. Inspired by this origin story, cream-colored Colonial knots became the foundational element for this scarf. Designed in Grandma Pat’s honor, this scarf is a lustrous take on a modest craft tradition and a reflection of the beauty found in moments of grace and simplicity in our lives.

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