Meet the Stylist: Kate Loscalzo Shares Her Chic #scarfstyle


By Sarah Somers


We are so excited to share our first installment of the DESEDA #scarfstyle series! Meet Kate Loscalzo, a fabulous Chicago-based stylist we adore. We connected with Kate last year when we partnered up to style the first DESEDA brand shoot. 

Kate was a dream to work with, and everyone on set was dying to go home with all of the beautiful pieces she curated for that special day. Needless to say she nailed it - and left us all feeling inspired with her easy approach to elevating everyday looks by pairing our scarves with core wardrobe pieces.

Here Kate shares her #scarflove and styles a look with her favorite DESEDA scarf for Spring. Let's Make Ties with Kate...Read on!  

Your Name: Kate Loscalzo

Digital Location: @kate_lo 

IRL Current Location: Chicago   

Hometown: Kansas City

Favorite DESEDA Scarf Design (+ why!):
I don't know if I can pick just one, but I really love the Sidereal Dreams scarf. I love the colors of this scarf and the print is unique but subtle at the same time. I think it could go with almost anything!

For her DESEDA #scarfstyle look, Kate chose a beautiful neutral backdrop that can lean a little more evening or a little more daytime with a quick swap of a top. We adore this fresh, modern mix. Click on the links below to find these gorgeous pieces online. 

Top option 1 (evening vibes),
Top option 2 (daytime vibes), PantsRingEarrings, 
Shoes paired with Sidereal Dreams 


What was your path to becoming a stylist?
In college, I had many internships and the one I enjoyed the most was assisting celebrity stylist Karla Welch before going out on my own. After 2 years under her wing, I ended up moving from LA to Chicago where I continued to perfect and grow my styling business.


How do you describe your personal style and its signature elements?  
Honestly feel like my style is different daily and I don't like putting a title on it. Signature elements of my style are always a good structured blazer and a good pair of boots.


What is the biggest consideration for those looking to refine their personal style? 
I would tell those looking to refine their personal style is define your fashion patterns, everyone has things they gravitate towards to build off of. Invest in the simple basics.


What is your favorite way to style silk scarves? How do you like to integrate them into different looks?
I think scarves are a great tool to spice up a simple outfit. My go to way to accessorize with a scarf is either around my neck or in my hair.


What is in your closet that you couldn’t live without?
Either my classic Levis denim or my Acne Studios snake boots.


What’s on your current wish list?
Anything + everything Bottega Veneta right now I love their woven sandals. I also have a thing for Mark Cross leather box bags. Oh! And, I'm on the hunt for leather shorts.


Where do you find your most significant inspiration?
I get most of my fashion inspiration from street style off Instagram. I like to follow different fashion photographers and fellow stylists to see what's going on in other parts of the world.


What are your favorite websites and/or Instagram profiles? is always a go to - I like to stay up late + stream all the fashion shows. Instagram profiles I follow:  @styleheroine @angelafink @seemanagement @tylerjoe @pernilleteisbaek


What music is on heavy rotation for you right now?
I cannot stop listening to Soulection playlists. They are great to have in the background while working. I also love Kaytranada's new album


What is the last thing that really caught your eye or got stuck in your head?  
I read a quote that I really liked: "How your life feels is more important that how it looks". 


What is the biggest fashion fear that you wish to help others overcome?
Wearing color and print. My biggest goal when working with individuals is to show them how to incorporate those things into their closet.


What’s the best nugget of style advice you would like to share with others to help them look + feel their best?
My style advice for others is to not be intimidated to try new trends, styles, colors, etc. Also, be confident with what you wear because when you feel good it shows!