Meet the Stylist: Caitlin's Sauci Scarf Style!


By Sarah Somers

Sun's Out, Scarves Out! 

woman wearing scarf wrapped around hair

Florida-based stylist Caitlin Saucier has a genuine joie de vivre that is completely contagious. We love following along with her sartorial adventures on Instagram. It was such a treat to connect with her recently and learn more about her journey to becoming a stylist and her love for fashion. 

In this installment of the DESEDA scarf style series, Caitlin shows us how to take our DESEDA from poolside to party, featuring her favorite scarf, Loving Hands. We hope this post leaves you feeling inspired get your scarves on. Let's Make Ties with Caitlin...Read on!


Your Name: Caitlin Saucier

Digital Location: @saucistyle and

IRL Current Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA


Favorite DESEDA Scarf Design (+ why!): 
My favorite DESEDA scarf is Loving Hands. In addition to having a color combo that can take you year round, I love the message behind the design: “two entities coming together in a spirit of both love and harmony."


Please introduce yourself!
I am a wardrobe stylist, although I like to say 75% therapist 25% stylist, based out of South Florida. I have clients from East Coast to West Coast that I style, pack, and help simplify their wardrobe needs, along with making getting dressed in the morning fun and stress free. On any given day you can find me either in a closet or in a store.


For her DESEDA  scarf style looks, Caitlin chose to take us from poolside to party. We love the vibe she's created - modern, fresh and fun - perfectly accented with our Loving Hands scarf! 


collage of scarf styles with purse


collage of scarf styles with womens blazer


What was your path to becoming a stylist? 
I feel like my path was a little unconventional. From a young age I always new that I wanted to be in fashion, and I wanted to live in NYC. So, when I graduated from high school I moved to the city and was there for 6 years. The first few years were spent modeling and then eventually working for Alice + Olivia. Fast forward and I moved to Florida in 2011. When I moved to Fort Lauderdale I didn’t realize the fashion scene was going to be so laid back and all about the flip flops. (I owned just one pair that I'd wear to get a pedicure!)

Then I started doing the buying for the boutique of a local Pilates studio that was expanding to include more athleisure wear. Clients from the boutique and friends were always asking me where my outfits were from. So a friend of mine suggested that I start styling clients. One thing lead to another, and the next thing I knew, I had a full roster of clients via word of mouth.

As I was building a personal clientele I started working with different photographers doing test shoots as well. One day a producer had a meeting on set for an upcoming commercial shoot. Her go-to stylist was going to be out of town, and she asked if I could style the shoot in her place. So I did! From there she booked me to style Ralph Lauren polo model Nacho Figueras for
a Johnnie Walker campaign with Esquire Magazine in NYC. We then went to Scotland with him for another Johnnie Walker collab - and wow! -  just typing this out is bringing back so many memories! It all just snowballed from there.


woman in red and white dress by water


How do you describe your personal style and its signature elements?  
I would describe my personal style as elevated coolness, effortless and approachable. I love fashion and experimenting with fashion. I’m big on mixing high and low. I would say a signature element of my personal style is that I almost always have a topper with every outfit. Whether its a leather jacket draped over my shoulders, or a blazer, I never leave the closet without that final piece. If you're looking to refine your personal style, I would take into consideration your personal lifestyle and build it from there. Start with a curated wardrobe, then gradually add to it.


What is your favorite way to style silk scarves? How do you like to integrate them into different looks?
I don’t have just one way that is my favorite. That is why I love a silk scarf so much - because it can be styled so many ways. I would say my go-to would be as a head piece, and then secondly, adding it to a handbag.


What is in your closet that you couldn’t live without? 
A topper i.e. leather jacket/blazer

 woman smiling with many pairs of shoes


What’s on your current wish list? 
Anything Bottega, they are having a moment right now.

 stylish woman with leather purse

Where do you find your most significant inspiration? 
Fashion Photog Books


What are your favorite websites and/or Instagram profiles? For website, I would say  I remember when I worked for a concierge service in NYC at one point, every morning as soon as I got to my desk, it would be the first thing I would log onto. This was back in 2005 - way before the Insta and blog days. Instagram profiles: Oh my, I don’t know - I always go down the rabbit hole. But I do love seeing what fellow stylist, Dani Michelle, is whipping her clients into next. 


What music is on heavy rotation for you right now? 
Can I be biased?! I'll say Alex Di Leo ;) 


What is the last thing that really caught your eye or got stuck in your head?  
Ha! Easy - the photos @fallonpr has hanging in her apartment. I stalk them via Instagram!

black and white photo of woman with cigarette

What is the biggest fashion fear that you wish to help others overcome?
There is a place for everyone in this business. 


What’s the best nugget of style advice you would like to share with others to help them look + feel their best? 
If you're not excited to wear it, don’t! The key to feeling great is looking great and
being comfortable in your own skin.


all photos courtesy of @saucistyle