Meet the Artist: Zoe Wodarz


By Sarah Somers


Zig zag scarf

We are so excited to introduce you to Zoe Wodarz, the artist behind our much-loved Goddess twiggy scarf. Zoe is a force of nature, with her incredible energy and constant stream of creative ides! During our first conversation we became carried away with a rush of design inspiration influenced by a shared wanderlust and love of classical motifs. And, before we knew it, we were bonding over the influences of our artist grandmothers and the fact that she attended high school in Lake Forest (our HQ!).

It’s such a treat to have Zoe as part of the DESEDA Artist Collective (DearCo), and we are thrilled to share more about her in this interview. Let’s Make Ties with Zoe…Read on!

DESEDA Artist Collective (DearCo) Artist: 
Zoe Wodarz 

Current Location: 
Minnesota, USA

I moved around a lot! Boston, Philly, LA, NYC, Maine and Chicago (to name a few) have all been home to me...

DESEDA Scarf Design: The recently released Goddess twiggy scarf! 

 scarf collage

Please introduce yourself and share what you do!

I'm a surface designer, creating prints, patterns, illustration and product designs. I work with a variety of brands to create unique artist collaborations and product collections.

Headshot of Zoe

What was your path to becoming a creative?

I started out as a studio artist creating fresh combinations of traditional media. Those are my artistic roots! At school, I studied art history, theater, English and environmental studies. Then, after school I moved into merchandising/retail and became a giftware and home decor product designer, working in-house for major brands. In the last few years I've become a full-time freelance designer combining all my skills as an artist - everything from trend development to store placement. It's fantastic to collaborate and work creatively with a variety of brands! 

How do you describe your work? And, what do you hope others take away from your work?

Playful and sophisticated! I love to mix artistic styles and genres.
I hope people see the creative joy in my work that I bring to each new design. 

Drawing of coat on pink background

What motivates you to do what you do?

A love of all things creative, a chance to make my artistic style be part of a wider conversation on how we can incorporate beauty and art into our everyday lives.

Drawing of amphoras

Where do you find your most significant inspiration?

Natural landscapes, urban architecture and immersing myself in music, museums and vintage design from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Stylized drawing of fish

What are the plans for the next phase of your artistic and/or professional journey?

Creating more brand collaborations and developing my own lines of signature products. As my "signature style" matures as a freelancer my unique artistic voice, art director experience and industry perspective is an asset I cherish and work hard to share with others.

What is/are the signature element(s) of your personal style?

Loose line work and bold, unexpected color combinations!

illustration of woman with blue face

What music is on heavy rotation for you right now?

I'm loving concert recordings - like Otis Redding Monterey Pop Festival, Motown Stacks, vintage Reggae or indie artists like M. Ward, Lydia Loveless and Paul Westerberg - perfect for a summer night listening to records. I also love to discover emerging bands and listen to music while I design.

What is the favorite place you’ve visited?

I'm a beach girl at heart and while I've traveled all over the world, a quiet, reflective moment by the ocean just feels like home.

What is the last thing that really caught your eye or got stuck in your head?

As we are stuck at home right now...I'm finding drone tours of museums, national parks and far away places a fascinating way to travel around the world without leaving the couch!

drawing of women in swimsuits

What are your favorite websites and/or Instagram profiles?

Artist - Bodil Jane - i love her rich color palettes and use of vintage botanical reference.
Trend - The Shiny Squirrel - her moody and fresh photography inspirations are amazing!
I also love scrolling Instagram for cooking, home decor and interior design sites to wander away the day!

What’s on your current wish list? (Can be any things, places or experiences!)

- Going across the USA by Airstream (I've traveled so much outside the USA I think it would be amazing to do a classic road trip)
- Take more studio art and cooking classes
- Practice guitar
- Write a book
- Have a dinner party under the stars and go dancing till dawn!

drawing of a conservatory

What’s the best nugget of advice you’ve received and would like to share with others?

Don't be afraid to fail and start again... You never know when that next amazing opportunity is just around the corner!

And, we’d love to wrap up with the two signature questions that we refer to as the “Double Knot” 😊:

Please share an example of a time in your life where you said, “why not” and took on a big risk, challenge or leap of faith!

I think my life has always been about embracing risk and rising to the occasion - new cities, relationships, projects and views - it's important to say "why not" and try new things!

Please share why you “made ties” with DESEDA and teamed up to create an original scarf design with us!

I love creating designs that have longevity for generations. Right now fashion moves so quickly and with little care taken to insure product quality, story or artist creativity beyond social media. DESEDA is a unique example of brand collaboration between brand and designer - everything they produce clearly shows a love and respect for beautiful design and the artists they support!