Meet the Stylist: Merritt Rea's Standout Scarf Style


By Sarah Somers


 Stylist in yellow adjusting a model


While we are an optimistic, glass-half full, all about the silver-lining kind of team here at DESEDA, we found ourselves feeling in a bit of a quarantine rut over the past few days.  So, we did the first thing that came to mind to try to shake it off - cranked the music so loud the walls shook and had a crazy dance party in our living room. It was magical to feel so light and carefree again! It really is amazing that what we wear and what we listen to has such an immediate impact on our mood. Music continues to be a huge creative inspiration for us at this time, just as it is for this week's featured scarf stylist, NYC-based Merritt Rea. 

We first met Merritt last summer during Lollapalooza. ( festivals, live we long for your return!!) She was co-creator of the inaugural @lollastylesuite, which provided a curated array of festival-worthy fashion (including DESEDA scarves!) and pro styling for artists and VIPs attending all the Lolla-related festivities. It was fabulous to see her in action and shining in her element doing what she loves most. 

As a celebrity stylist, Merritt is especially passionate about working with musical performing artists. She has contributed to countless projects for the industry’s most sought after award-winning singer/songwriters, including Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Alicia Keys, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monae - and the list goes on. We can only imagine the creative rush that comes from working with such musical greats! 

In this installment of the DESEDA scarf style series Merritt shares her scarf love and styles a fun, elevated look with touches of electric color to play off of her favorite DESEDA scarf. We hope this post leaves you feeling energized and ready to embrace vibrant hues as a major mood boost. Let's Make Ties with Merritt...Read on!


Your Name: Merritt Rea


Digital Location: @meritt.rea and


IRL Current Location: New York City   


Hometown: Charlotte, NC


Favorite DESEDA Scarf Design (+ why!): 
DESEDA Girls...the artwork looks like it was painted with quick brush strokes, infused with electric pops of color - indicative of energy and life. 


Please introduce yourself!
I'm a commercial and celebrity stylist living in NYC. I absolutely love what I do and am living my dream. 


For her DESEDA #scarfstyle look, Merritt chose to feature a combo of standout accessories that mix elements of forever classics and fresh twists. We love the vibe she's created - modern, cool, easy - just like our DESEDA Girls. Click on the links below to find these chic pieces online.


scarf collage


Earring, Watch, Heels, Denim, paired with DESEDA Girls  


What was your path to becoming a stylist? 
I grew up in my mother's gift shop surrounded by beautiful things. I learned how to merchandise and the importance of hard work and exceptional service.  My internship with Marie Claire in 2009 sealed the deal. My first time on set I was working for famed Hollywood stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, shooting Blake Lively for the cover. Need I say more? :)


How do you describe your personal style and its signature elements?  
My personal style: Tomboyish...I love women in menswear. Something very sexy and powerful about it. An aesthetic that never goes out of fashion. 

Style Trademarks: Oversized button-down. A great pair of trousers, luxury timepiece, and designer sunglasses. 


What is the biggest consideration for those looking to refine their personal style?
Keep it simple. I love how Europeans shop. They invest in timeless classics that are versatile and treasured for years. 


What is your favorite way to style silk scarves? How do you like to integrate them into different looks?
So many ways to style a beautiful's all about getting creative and trying something new. It's a great way to add a bit of color, since I tend to stick to minimalist classics. 


stylist dressing a model with unusual hair

What is in your closet that you couldn’t live without? 


What’s on your current wish list? 
Another CHANEL bag and an exotic vacation 


Where do you find your most significant inspiration? 
Inspiration is all around us, I draw inspiration from everywhere 


What are your favorite websites and/or Instagram profiles? 
Photographers @paridukovic , @nick_knight , @lilmami_lani


What music is on heavy rotation for you right now? 
Dua Lipa, Tame Impala, Bülow, and Alaina Castillo 


What is the last thing that really caught your eye or got stuck in your head?  
A dry, dirty martini 


What is the biggest misconception about fashion?
That it's not for everyone. I think it is important to celebrate your life and look your best because it changes the way you carry yourself throughout the day. I want to live my best life possible - the correlation between fashion and your personal psychology is undeniable. Fashion is very important to our quality of life we live and how we view ourselves. 


What’s the best nugget of style advice you would like to share with others to help them look + feel their best? 
"Either buy the most classic style or the most outrageous thing you've ever seen that fills your heart with joy and you will love it forever." Isaac Mizrahi (paraphrasing from his documentary Unzipped)