DESEDA Ladies Night Out


By Sarah Somers

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for the DESEDA Ladies Night Out at Lake Park Bistro on January 31st! We had the best time. It was wonderful to meet everyone and escape the polar vortex for a few hours in the name of fashion and fun. We couldn’t have imagined a warmer welcome to Milwaukee and are thrilled that you wanted to #getyourscarveson with us for the evening! The pictures below, including some chic “scarfies” of our guests, capture the celebratory spirit of the event. We can’t wait to connect with you again and share some scarf love when we are next in town.

Silk scarves worn by attendees at the DESEDA Ladies Night Out.

An attendee at the DESEDA Ladies Night Out trying on the Celestial Bodies silk scarf.

As a little memento we are sharing the link to our DJ DESEDA x Ladies Night @ LPB playlist on Spotify: We curated this custom mix for our night out together with good times and chic grooves in mind. So, please feel free to keep it in your back pocket…it’s a ready-made option for a smooth musical fix whenever the need – or the next cocktail hour – arises! 😊 

An attendee at the DESEDA Ladies Night Out event styling a silk scarf on her friend's neck.

A detail shot of a silk scarf from our MUSE collection.

It is just the beginning for DESEDA, and we have big plans for this year as we work toward becoming the modern silk scarf and accessories brand of our dreams. We are grateful to have a group of fabulous #desedadevotees in Milwaukee to join us along this journey!

Myself and a group of ladies at the DESEDA Ladies Night Out event.