Meet the Stylist: Chloe Burdette's Spirited Scarf Style


By Sarah Somers


We hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. As the fight against COVID-19 continues we think it is very important to do what we can to stay connected - not just to each other - but to ourselves during this time. New routines (or lack there of) and putting life plans on hold while juggling the needs and concerns of today can feel overwhelming. We are all doing the best we can and need to be kind to ourselves as we find our way through this. Here at DESEDA we are focusing on the bright lights wherever we see them - signs of Spring sprouting around us, sharing surprise fits of laughter with friends over FaceTime, extra snuggles on the sofa with our little ones, and sending postcards with messages of love and care - are just a few of the moments that helped this week.  

Another bright light we've experienced recently is connecting with Chloe Burdette, a brilliant Chicago-based stylist and custom suiting designer. A girl after my own heart, we immediately connected over shared love of a good blazer. Chloe's knack for accessorizing core sartorial staples with flair is how we like to approach our own wardrobe too.  

In this installment of the DESEDA scarf style series Chloe shares her scarf love and styles a beautiful Spring look, featuring a touch of menswear inspiration, with her favorite DESEDA scarf. We hope this post leaves you feeling inspired to don outfits that bring you a little swank and swagger, even as we shelter in place. Let's Make Ties with Chloe...Read on!


Your Name: Chloe Burdette


Digital Location: @chloe_burdette and


IRL Current Location: Chicago   


Hometown: Brazil, IN


Favorite DESEDA Scarf Design (+ why!): 
Loving Hands - I adore the color combo and when I read the inspiration behind the design I was sold. "The Dynamic Duo spirit connotes sentiments of Attraction, Collaboration, Balance and complementary", All elements in my life: The Law of attracting what you want and deserve. Collaborating with those who challenge you. Creating the perfect balance whether that be work/life balance or give/take in a relationship balance.... always striving to master it. And all elements working together to complement one another.


Please introduce yourself!
Hi! I'm Chloe Burdette, a stylist and custom suiting designer based out of Chicago. Single, 28, with plans to move to NYC this year to further develop my career.


For her DESEDA #scarfstyle look, Chloe chose to mix accessibly priced menswear-inspired pieces with gorgeous, standout accessories. We are loving the vibe she's created - like a wink to a modern Katharine Hepburn - perfectly accented with our Loving Hands scarf. Click on the links below to find these chic pieces online.



Blazer, Hat, Handbag, Heels, Pant, paired with Loving Hands 


What was your path to becoming a stylist? 
After exploring Bridal at Kleinfeld, the wholesale market and Men's denim development and design, I decided I wanted to take a new route. I wanted to explore styling both men and women and what better way to start than with the top company in the industry... Nordstrom. So, I moved to Chicago a little over 5 years ago I started working for Nordstrom in hopes to be promoted into a stylist role quickly. He had other plans. I needed to be challenged and in a space I could pave my own path with creative freedom and "good juju". Insert Trunk Club, which weirdly enough was purchased by Nordstrom that year. Working at TC for 4 years, I've built my presence in Chicago and known to go above and beyond for my clients. This is where my love for custom suiting began as well! As I transitioned out of TC, I've continued to help serve my book of business both ready-to-wear and custom suiting, this time with unlimited inventory. :)


How do you describe your personal style and its signature elements?  
Personal style: Menswear flirty, Signature Elements: White Blouse, printed trouser or fun exaggeration.


What is the biggest consideration for those looking to refine their personal style?
1) Find what makes you comfortable! You will feel much more confident if you're comfortable.
2) Always invest in your staple items first (e.g. Dark denim, nude pump, black blazer, LBD, white silk blouse, nice handbag). Cost per use, it will pay for itself.
3) Find inspiration around you! Given I work in menswear, I'll be inspired from my designs but add a girly/flirty element to it.


What is your favorite way to style silk scarves? How do you like to integrate them into different looks?
I will mix it up given the day! I love to do a high ponytail with a detailed scarf or draped around my shoulder when belted. For a warm weather weekend look, I will double up the silk piece as a top for a unique look.



What is in your closet that you couldn’t live without? 
Black Topcoat


What’s on your current wish list? 
A new handbag.... thinking Black (shocker)


Where do you find your most significant inspiration? 
Inspiration in menswear, Pitti Uomo or select fashion bloggers


What are your favorite websites and/or Instagram profiles? 


What music is on heavy rotation for you right now? 
Chill Electronic / Indie Pop


What is the last thing that really caught your eye or got stuck in your head?  
Please do not feed the fears.


What is the biggest fashion fear that you wish to help others overcome?
Pushing them to try something outside their comfort zone and with confidence.


What’s the best nugget of style advice you would like to share with others to help them look + feel their best? 
Accentuate your best physical asset and don't fear judgement to trying something new and exciting.


All photos courtesy of @chloe_burdette