Tishya Oedit


    In developing her scarf design, Tishya was inspired by vintage celestial maps, moon charts and old navigational maps. The different depictions of the skies and the phases of the moon were the starting point for Celestial Bodies. The mysteries of the sun, moon, stars and all other heavenly bodies have fascinated Tishya from early childhood, when she received her first book on astronomy. Tishya channeled that fascination into creating her own map depicting the earth, phases of the moon, and stages of a full solar eclipse. The map is enhanced by a heavenly colorway that is a modern take on the historic color tones found in her vintage inspiration.


    Tishya Oedit is surface pattern designer currently based in London. With a background in fashion design, Tishya has focused on designing print for textiles, home decor and stationery in recent years. She has also added hand lettering and illustration to her repertoire. Tishya finds daily inspiration in a variety of objects, artworks and greenery from the museums and gardens she visits on a frequent basis. When she’s not designing, Tishya loves to travel, cook, eat, and dance.