Sonora MindWerl



Sonora created the Secret Garden scarf design during her summertime travels exploring Colombia and Costa Rica. As the journey unfolded, her experiences in these new environments became layers of inspiration for her work. Sonora finds that one of the most wonderful things in exploring nature is that even the most seemingly mundane patch of grass or section of forest is full of secret treasures and discoveries if you simply shift your perspective and look at it in the right way. As you allow the veiled details to emerge you can appreciate that nature is a fascinating, complex maze of hidden life and inherent beauty - one that Sonora is constantly trying to better see and portray in her art. This intention shines through in the details, spirit and vibrant colors found in the Secret Garden scarf. 



Deeply shaped by her childhood adventures on a former alfalfa farm outside of Oaxaca, Mexico, and coming of age in the lush green wilderness of Southern Oregon, Sonora MindWerl is an artist moved by experiences in nature. Working across mediums of photography, illustration and painting, her art reflects her sensitivity and her reverence for her natural surroundings. Inspired by global travel experiences and living in the moment, Sonora shares reflections on her journey of self-discovery through her artistic work.