Elise Mesner


    The Monarchs + Milkweed scarf was inspired by Elise’s personal experience in her Northern Michigan backyard. Taken by the beauty of monarch butterflies traversing through on a sunny Fall afternoon, Elise was moved to learn more about their visit. It turns out that her home was a perfect pit stop along the Monarch’s great 1,900-mile annual winter migration route to Mexico. They often travel in groups numbering into the thousands and they found this preferred perch due to its abundance of milkweed plants.

    Monarch butterflies lay their eggs exclusively on milkweed plants, and caterpillars eat only milkweed as food. Her new understanding of this symbiotic relationship became Elise’s inspiration for this scarf concept. The milkweed images are photos of the actual milkweed plants in her yard and the monarch wings are her hand drawn illustrations. Combined in a whimsical way that is signature to Elise’s work, these design elements create a scarf full of movement, life, and natural beauty. 


    Detroit native Elise Mesner (now based in Los Angeles) is an eclectic-minded painter, illustrator, fashion/costume designer, stylist, taste maker, cross-media artist, and fine art photographer/creative director working and dipping into all arty media. Creamy colors, plants, fresh air, and drops of neon rule her world. With whimsy forever as her guide and a pocket full of moxie, she's known for creating idyllic dreamscapes, both in front of and behind the camera, as well as on the canvas.