Bridget Whited


Pictures of You was inspired by Bridget's personal experiences with both analog and digital photography. Bridget's love for the medium stemmed from her first analog photography classes. During her studies, Bridget started to learn about the power of black and white film photography. She believes in the value of analog photography in the face of an increasingly digital existence. Analog photography takes a certain type of care and precision to master. Bridget appreciates the mindfulness required to create a dynamic composition in 36 frames or less as well as the finesse required in the darkroom. In summary, the whole process is not for the faint of heart and requires real commitment.

It is with a comparable level of commitment and care that Bridget designed this scarf to commemorate her love for film photography and creative expression. Her hand drawn touch is translated through the two analog cameras and straps splashed across the scarf, and the exuberant colorway was selected with those who enjoy the spice of life in mind.


Bridget Whited is currently finishing her studies at Lake Forest College, where she is majoring in Studio Art with a photography focus and a minor in digital media design. She enjoys all formal elements of fine arts, but her true passion is photography. Bridget has photographed people from a variety of backgrounds and enjoys working on conceptual ideas. Her portfolio also includes event-based work and portraits. Recently she expanded her artistic skills by diving head first into the world of graphic illustration and design.